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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chocolate Chicago

Recently I was sent to Chicago on a business trip and was in search of the best hot chocolates in the area.  I heard of a few places that were highly recommended.  One was a Mexican restaurant called Xoco that had an amazing sounding hot chocolate with a twist of Mexican spice.  There was also Mindy's Hot Chocolate which was both a restaurant and a dessert bar and sounded fairly intriguing.  There they offer you about 6 different types of hot chocolates as well as a wonderfully delicious sounding chocolate souffle!  My mouth watered at the menu!  Unfortunately work did not enable me to go very far and I had to settle for a cup of Starbucks powdered do-it-yourself mix (which wasn't all that great) that a very generous vendor managed to find for me since I was going on and on about the places I wished to try.  On the upside, I did stay at the Double tree hotel where I had the chance to over-indulge on their amazingly delicious chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies are fantastic!  They are filled with chocolate, pecans (possibly walnuts), and oats and are served to you warm at check-in, check-out and whenever you feel like randomly asking for one.  My only caution; BEWARE they are extremely addictive!

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